How much does booksalon cost?

Booksalon is a free service for entrepreneurs that provides online booking and client register. Download booksalon PRO price list here.

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Booksalon Free

  • Includes a free (€ 0) online booking system and ERP (Enterprise resource planning) with client register.

There are no costs or commissions with booksalon which makes it a completely risk-free option for the entrepreneur to try.

Booksalon PRO

  • Other useful features and payment services can be added to the booksalon system as a PRO-feature.

  • Point of sales is also included. For instance you can receive payments at the time of booking as online payments and with booksalon payment terminal at the salon.

Ask more about payment services using chat, download a price list or book a remote appointment.

Just try, use and test the system!

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