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How to download the monthly sales report
How to download the monthly sales report

This article is about, how to download a PDF report of sales for accounting purposes and other instructions for PRO user reporting

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In this article you can find info about the following:

How to download the sales report

  1. Go to "Sales" section and select "Sales Reports" tab.

  2. Select "Salon".

  3. Select "Previous month". Alternatively you can also enter the desired time range in the fields next to it.

  4. Click "Download PDF report"

Congratulations! You now have the previous month's sales report saved on your computer ready to send to your accountant.


  • You can also conveniently send reports via email.

  • You can download day, week or selected time range reports by selecting the desired time range and clicking "Download PDF report"

  • You can select a person instead of a salon and download a report of that person's sales for the selected time range.

  • You can also select how you want the reports to be shown from "Show" section.

Checklist and instructions for submitting to the accounting:

  • Sales reports, settlements and gift cards reports

1. Go to Sales section and click Sales Reports. Select the salon whose reports you want to send.
2. Select the desired time range.
3. Send the report by email or download as a PDF file.
4. Go to the Settlements -page and select the time range from which you want to retrieve the report. The report will also show booksalon fees.
5. Gift Cards Reports will show the number of gift cards used per salon entrepreneur.

Other: Settlements and commissions


  • Booksalon's settlements section shows the payment received by payment terminal and online card payments. These are settled to the merchants as agreed on bank days. Read more about settlements here.

  • Booksalon's monthly payments are shown in the Settlements section as deductions because they are automatically deducted from the settlements. From the deductions you can see which month's payment is being deducted.

Payment terminal commission

  • Card payments commission fees are shown per day and per transaction in the
    "Fees (VAT 0%)" section.

Sales commission calculator

You can find the commission calculator, which makes it easier to calculate your sales, under "Sales" in the "Commissions" tab. This feature is particularly useful for salons, where salary is also based on commission.

  • Select the time you want

  • Click on the employee who receives commission and whether you want to calculate from gross price (incl. VAT).

  • Set the commissions amounts from service and product sales.

  • The system automatically brings into the calculator the sales made by the employee for the desired period and calculates the correct commission.

  • By exporting the table to a CSV file, you can directly get a complete report of the employees' commissions.

Inviting the accountant into the platform

The accountant gets the rights to the booksalon account:

  • You save time by allowing the accountant to retrieve the reports themselves.

  • The invitation can be done in the settings under the "Users" tab by inviting your accountant and assigning him/her accountant rights.

  • The rights only give access to the Tools and Sales view.

Read more about inviting users here

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