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Adding a custom charge or sales row to the checkout
Adding a custom charge or sales row to the checkout

This article walks you through how to quickly add a row to your checkout or receipt without having a product or service at PoS.

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Sometimes you need to quickly add a line to your checkout without adding ready-made products or services. Here's the solution:

  • Go to point of sales and checkout.

  • In the summary section you will find a button + Add custom charge

  • Clicking on the button will open a pop-up window where you can enter the data:

  • If you wish, you can also add your own line of text to the receipt, for example in the "Custom text row"- section the customer's name could be added to the receipt.

    For example, "Firstname Lastname" or Nina's Test Client

  • Add a free title to the name field, e.g. Lovely Shampoo by Nina

  • Select the line type: Product / Service based on which it will be placed in the correct section of the sales reports.

  • Choose the legal VAT rate.

  • Enter the price for the customer (incl. VAT) and press the ADD- button and a custom charge will be added to the customer's receipt.

In the receipt you can see an example of the custom product charge and a custom text row have now been added.

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