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How to make a refund

This article explains how to refund an incorrect transaction or how to make a correction to a receipt.

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Sometimes you might tap an incorrect receipt and charge the service with incorrect information. In which case the only way to fix it is to refund the transaction fully or partly and then create a new transaction with the correct information at checkout.

Here's how to make a refund:

  • Go to Sales tab on the menu

  • Find the refundable event and click on the row to open it:

  • Click the Refund button

  • A pop-up window will open. From there you can select all the products and services to be refunded.

  • After selecting the products and services to be refunded, press the Refund button to complete the refund.

  • The list includes a refunded transaction, which you can open to send or print a receipt of the refund.

    If the transaction was completed wrong you can refund fully:

  • Now you can go back to the checkout and make the transaction with the right information.

Note: Remember that card payments can in principle be refunded by using a payment card at the payment terminal during the refund transaction.

Tip: The refund can also be made as a gift card.

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