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Book Salon payment services


  • Payment terminal which is seamlessly integrated with the point of sales system to receive card payments

  • Online prepayments: safe and hygienic way for customers to pay reservations online at the time of booking

  • Settlements. Transfer of payments to the accounts indicated by the merchants

  • Enabled for multiple entrepreneurs: all entrepreneurs can use the same payment terminal but payments are credited to each entrepreneur's own account directly


  1. When a Salon wants to use Book Salon's payment services, the administrator must contact Book Salon. The easiest way to do this is to place an order from the system. (photo)

  2. Each entrepreneur at the salon must update or complete the missing information on the Merchant Information form in the Book Salon system. A link to the form will appear at the top of the Book Salon system when signed in for all entrepreneurs at the salon.

  3. After the Merchant's information is updated, Merchants will be sent a link to a statutory customer survey by e-mail asking entrepreneurs for various information about the salon: the salon's business, its owners and decision-makers, and the salon's account information to receive payment intermediation payments.

    3.1 At the end of the survey, the Merchant receives a merchant agreement to be read and electronically signed in the service. It is not necessary to fill in the survey at once, the survey information can be completed later using the same e-mail link. However, the provision of payment services cannot be started until each entrepreneur at the salon has completed the full survey and electronically signed the merchant agreement. To be able to answer a customer inquiry and sign a merchant agreement, an entrepreneur needs personal bank IDs or a mobile key.

  4. After signing the merchant agreement and processing the customer inquiry, Book Salon agrees to provide payment services and to deliver the payment terminal to the location, usually within a few business days of the order.

  5. Payment terminal arrives. For more information on setting up a payment terminal, click here

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