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How to create and set shifts/working hours?
How to create and set shifts/working hours?

This article explains how to create or edit shifts and also how to open a calendar for bookings.

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Go to Shifts from the main menu and the following view will appear:

  • Select the person whose shifts you want to edit / create.

  • Turn on the desired days by setting the switch as green and adjust the start and end hours.

  • Copy: You can copy week by clicking "Copy". Then click "Paste" in the week you want to copy the shifts to.

  • Standard shift: If you want to copy a week into more than one week, click "Use as standard shift" and specify how many weeks you want to be copied. Click "Add" to complete the copy.

Finally, save the made changes.

Tip! Below the person’s name, you can see how many hours they have in the three-week period shown on the screen.

Manage shifts from the Salon calendar view

When you want to close a shift quickly from the calendar or edit length of the shift directly. Here's how:

1. From salon calendar view, click on "Show times outside shifts"

2. Blue circles will appear at the beginning and end of the shift from where the shift can be shortened or lengthened by dragging.

3. When you want to completely close the shift from the desired day, start by dragging the circle at the beginning of the shift to the closing time. After that the system will ask if you want to close the shift completely.

"At work" function

Using this feature, the calendar will not show a user who does not have a shift open on that day. This improves the usability of the calendar.

  • In the calendar view, you can select the options "All" or "At work".

  • The "At work" feature will show you only the people who are at work on that day in the calendar.

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