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Gift card management
Gift card management

This article gives details on gift card management and how to import pre-existing gift cards into the system. (PRO-feature)

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In this article you can find info about the following:

You can find gift card management under Tools in the left-hand main menu.

You can access the gift card management if you are the owner of the salon or you have main user rights.

Gift card amounts

At the top of the gift card management screen, you will find the current amount of the salon's gift cards grouped into active, expiring in 30 days, and expired.

Listing gift cards

By default, the main view lists all gift cards but you can easily limit the view by the date the gift cards were created/sold by last month or current month. You can also filter the view to any custom time span. In addition to the time span, you can easily list only active cards, i.e. cards that are valid and have an amount, or alternatively cards that have expired, been valid or used.

Search for gift cards

If you are looking for a specific gift card, the "Search gift cards" field allows you to easily to find a card. In the search field, you can enter the card code, the name of the card holder or the email address to which the card was sent. As with other search fields, just a few characters are often enough to find the gift card you want! The search field lists gift cards in the main view as you type in your search

- quick and convenient!

Gift card specific functions

Once you have found the gift card you want, you'll see the gift card code, the client/holder name given when creating or selling the card, the date created/sold, expiry date, status, original amount and the current amount. If the card still has value remaining, there is a small three-dot action box on the right-hand side of the gift card row that allow you to print the gift card, resend it to the recipient's email, edit the recipient's details, void or cancel the void. Remember, you cannot change the amount or code of the card. Voiding a card may be necessary if for example the card code has fallen into the wrong hands or the card had expired and you want to void it.

Importing gift cards

If you wish, you can import gift cards created yourself, or even gift cards created in the old system, into the booksalon gift card system. This is how you can at the point of sale accept gift cards as a payment method the same way as gift cards sold from the booksalon system - easily and quickly!

This is how you import your gift card into the system:

  1. Start by importing the gift card from the +Import existing gift card -button.

  2. Enter the gift card code, this is usually created in the old system or you have made it up yourself. Each card must have an individual code which is used at the point of sale when paying with the gift card.

  3. Enter the current amount of the card in euros , you can also enter the original amount if the card has already been partially used.

  4. The cards entered in the system do not include VAT, i.e. VAT is not recorded and paid when the card is sold, but VAT is normally recorded and paid on sales paid by gift card. It is therefore possible to use a gift card to pay for sales that include several different rates of VAT.

  5. If you wish, please enter the name and email of the recipient of the gift card and if you want the gift card to be sent to the email address of the recipient immediately after importation, please click the box.

  6. If the gift card contains a greeting text for the recipient, you can also add it at this point.

  7. If you wish, select the expiry date for the card. If you want, you can also accept expired gift cards as a payment method. The system will ask for this separately at the point of sale, if you try to use an expired gift card as a payment method. This is therefore entirely your decision.

  8. Finally click on ADD. Now the gift card has been imported into the system and it can be used as a payment method at the point of sale.

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