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This is how settlements work

Payments received via Book Salon's payment terminal as well as online card payments are settled to the merchants, usually on each working day of the year.

Normally settlements are paid in few working day after the card payment, and settled funds are available in the merchants' account in working days.

You can choose the frequency: daily, weekly or monthly from Settlements- tab.

Settlements reports are created automatically and reports can be printed or sent directly to the accountant by email. You can find the reports in the menu "Sales" --> "Settlements".

An example of a settlement schedule

  • Card payment on Monday and funds are available in the merchants' account on Wednesday or Thursday. There are some bank-specific differences.

  • Friday and Saturday card payments are settled on Monday and funds usually are available on the merchants' account during the next working days.

It is also possible that the card companies' settlement will take about one day longer than the schedule above. However, this happens quite rarely and we try to report these on this page.

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