Personal calendar settings

You can customize the calendar by editing your personal calendar settings. The time magnet and minimum interval etc. can be found here.

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Personal calendar settings can be found by clicking on the gear symbol in the upper right corner:

Settings which affect only clients' online booking calendar

It is difficult or impossible to fit a booking if the intervals between the reservations are too small. The minimum interval (gap) may limit the size of the gap between two bookings that can be made by the customers online booking. For example, if the time is 60min then there cannot be 15min, 30min, 45min etc slots.

With this setting, you can limit the acceptance of new bookings the customer can make. If this option is activated, the customer would not be able to make a booking until 4 hours later.

This setting allows you to specify for how long you open your calendar and allow customers to make bookings.

Time magnet settings

All bookings will come in a row as the customer is only offered one free time per day. This significantly limits customer choice and can reduce bookings.

With this time magnet setting, you can set properties for shifts that do not yet have bookings or have one or more bookings / breaks in your calendar. With these settings, you have good control over how you want your empty calendar to be filled up.

Activate the option by clicking the button so it becomes green and set the number of minutes you want to offer bookings to be open according to a certain time limit. This option could be set if the employee offers many custom jobs with a long duration. For example if the employee only offers two-hour services, they could turn on the two-hour interval, so that available times can only be reserved every two hours thereby cutting down on time not used.

Settings which affect only your salon calendar view

Here you can choose which day you want to be the first shown in the weekly view.

Hide night hours is a feature that if activated lets you hide a custom time period. This would be very beneficial to set if you wanted the ability to make bookings or set other events outside of the shift if necessary.

If you want to have a background color on the reservations in the calendar view, you would activate this feature. Below is two pictures that show the difference between having this feature activated or deactivated.


Click the active button if you want the workstations to also be shown in your calendar view. In this case, you can observe more closely how booked the workstation is.

Other calendar settings: Booking sound, preparation time, overtime

Notification sound - booking sound: This feature lets you choose if you want the system to play a notification sound when a new booking is made. If you want the sound to be played every time a new booking is made in the salon calendar, you would activate this feature (green button). If you don't want any notification sounds you would deactivate this feature (gray button)

Preparation time: You would active this feature if you wanted to add a desired duration after each booking for preparation time, you would do that by clicking the button so it becomes green and choose the time duration. This time duration would allow you to prepare and clean up your workstation before your next client.

Overtime: Use this feature if you want your customers to have the ability to make a booking that will end later than the shift you have set. This feature is very beneficial if your customers wish to add some additional services to the service they are about to order, and there wouldn't be enough time to finish that service within your normal shift thereby limiting their options unless you have this feature activated.

Setting up two-factor authentication

If you wish to set up two-factor authentication for your account, which increases data security, you can read the instructions here.

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