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How to save the booksalon web app to your phone's home screen
How to save the booksalon web app to your phone's home screen

You can access the system online by logging in to your phone or by installing booksalon in your phone's Home menu (iOS & Android)

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Booksalon is designed to work best with your Chrome browser. Learn more about what devices booksalon works with and how to get Chrome.

Booksalon doesn't currently have a mobile app, but here are some tips to get the web app installed on your phone on the Home Screen

Instructions for iOS (iPhone):

1) First open Chrome (or the browser you use) - and go to booksalon and sign in.

2) Copy the website address and go back to the Home Screen on your Phone

3) Get the search function to appear (by swiping your finger down from the top of your screen)

4) Search for "Shortcuts" and press the "+"-sign

5) Press the "+Add Action"-button and search after "Chrome" and choose "Open URLs in Chrome"

6) Then insert the link you copied in step 2, after "Open"

7) Open the drop-down menu from on the upper side of the screen. Give the shortcut

a name, choose the icon you want and then choose “add to home screen”

8) You are Done!

Please, note that the screenshots are from October 2022 iOS version 16.0.2. There may be slight differences in older or newer versions. If you need further assistance, we are happy to help you.

Instructions for Android (Samsung, Huawei, etc.):

  1. Go to the page through your phone's browser

  2. Press the menu in the upper right corner. If you're using a browser other than Chrome, this feature is often found in the menu at the bottom (3 lines).

  3. Select "+ Add Page to Home Screen". Follow the instructions to confirm the action.

  4. This is how the BookSalon website is stored on the phone screen.

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