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What is a payment link?

A payment link is an online card payment allowing the customer to pay for the transaction by entering card details in the payment link web address you send to them from checkout.

Why use a payment link?

A payment link is handy if a customer has forgotten their wallet at home, a parent wants to pay on behalf of their child, or if you simply can't make the payment physically at your salon. In these cases, you should use the payment link and easily send it to your customer with just a few clicks.

How to use the payment link?

1) At the checkout, when charging, you select "Payment link" as the payment method.

2) Fill in the information required for the payment link.

a. Set your preferred due date or use the shortcut.

b. Select whether you want to send the payment link by email or SMS.

Both options are also available.

3) Send the payment link.

4) When the customer clicks on the link you have sent them, a payment form opens in their browser, detailing the service to be charged and the price.

The link the customer receives looks like this:

5) The customer opens the payment link by clicking on "Pay now".

a.The customer fills in the form with their payment card details and sees a summary of the payment.

b. The customer confirms the payment.

6) You will be notified by email when the payment has been made via the payment link.

How do I follow payment links?

You can find paid and awaiting payment links on the "Sales"-page and on the "Transaction"-tab.

How do I get the money made from the payment link?

We complete the settlements normally to your bank account, as agreed, within approximately one banking day.

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