Here are tips and solutions to different cases and questions about employees, prices, and bookings

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This article provides answers to the following troubleshooting scenarios:

The employee does not appear on the booking page.


Please check that the administrator has made the employee visible in the booking calendar under: “Settings” -> “Users” -> Select user -> Activate the buttons in the image and remember to save!

The service or additional service isn't shown to customers in the booking.


For that service and / or additional service, check that you have activated the green button for the salon and the employee.

Also check that the service provider is visible in the booking calendar. See instructions above.

Services have different prices


Please check that the prices for the service are correctly recorded for the amount you want for each provider. On the “Services” tab, you should check the salon price for the service, and under “Employees,” check the prices for each employee separately.

Did the customer receive a reminder of the appointment?


You can view it under “Calendar” → “Log” -> Click Open

Choose the event that you want to view.

Bookable times do not appear in the booking even though I have created the shifts.


Click your profile (in the upper right corner) and select “Personal Calendar Settings”.

Click -> “Customers can make reservations for the calendar: _______”

From there, check that customers can book appointments according to shifts, and not just 2 weeks in advance for example.

Unable to edit customer information.


If there are blue characters in front of the customer's contact information and a purple character next to "booksalon Account", then only the customer can edit their own information. Then you can't edit their information.

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