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Calendar log - who is doing what?
Calendar log - who is doing what?

Here you can view your bookings, booking confirmations and their various stages.

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In this article you can find info about the following:


You can access the calendar log by going to the “Calendar” tab and there you will find “Log” on the right. You are able to view in the log any bookings made by the salon or customer and changes made by employees.

Here's how to use the calendar log:

From the log, you can narrow your search by selecting a specific month, date range, customer, employee or action type.

Action type

From this setting, you can find certain activities related to bookings such as booking draft, breaks, and reminders. As functions, it is possible to see e.g. who canceled or created a new booking or modified an already existing booking.


In the settings you can choose whether you want to view the bookings during or from last month or the last 30 days.


Your time span will show the bookings for the time period selected.


In the customer search, you can search for the desired customer (by name) whose bookings you want to view.

Done by

Here you can view the user that has created or made changes to the booking ration.

Booking information log

Once you have selected the booking you want to view, click on the arrow to the right to open the booking information log.

The details of the booking will be displayed here, as well as a view of what kind of reminder settings have been set and sent about the booking.

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