Partial payment

Partial payment is made by selecting the first payment method, after which the remaining balance is confirmed to be charged. Read more.

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You can complete a partial payment by placing an amount on the first payment method to be charged ( eg. cash, gift card). The remaining balance will then be automatically calculated and entered for another payment method. It is easy and the system will guide you through the process.

Steps to charge your partial payment:

  1. Choose the payment method you want to use to pay the first amount (cash, gift card, or other payment options).

  2. Charge the amount you want.

  3. When you click complete the transaction. You'll see a message accepting the partial payment. For example: "Do you want to make a partial payment of 10.00 €? There is 30.00 € left to pay."

  4. Confirm “yes”

  5. Next, choose another payment method that your client wants to use to pay.

  6. Charge the amount normally and you will receive a receipt with a breakdown of the instalments of the partial payment.

    Video instruction:

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