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Adding a new product to your inventory (PRO)
Adding a new product to your inventory (PRO)

How to add a new product to the inventory, track your inventory and specify the SKU name.

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Adding a new product to the inventory view

You can find the inventory view from "Tools"--> "Inventory"

1) In order to create a new product in the inventory, click on the "New product".

When creating a product step, you specify the product:

  • Barcode (optional)

  • Product name

  • Price per unit or custom unit

  • VAT

  • Product picture

  • Seller price incl. VAT

2) If you want to track the inventory of the product, click the "Track inventory" button to green.

This allows you to view the value of the product you have in stock and also follow how much is used for example internal use.

To track the inventory of a product, you need to set:

  • Amount in stock

  • Unit purchase price (Excl. VAT)

  • SKU / stock name (optional)

Once this information has been entered, save the product in the "Add product" section.

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