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How do I find the products at POS and in inventory?
How do I find the products at POS and in inventory?

Use the Search Products function, SKU (stock name) or EAN-code to find items effortlessly. More guidance can be found in this article.

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In this article you can find info about the following:

When you want to find products quickly and easily at POS (point of sales) or in inventory/stock, you can use these to help you:

1. EAN code

2. Search Products function

3. SKU (stock name)

  • These features will be added to products optionally when new product batches are added to POS and product/stock inventory.

  • You can also edit products and add this additional information to previously listed products if needed.

1. Barcode - EAN

EAN code works conveniently in the inventory and at the checkout.

  • Barcode reader speeds up the work at checkout when the product is to be added directly to the receipt.

  • In inventory and at POS the EAN can also be retrieved by typing the first digits of the barcode in the search field.

We recommend getting an external barcode reader when the salon has many products for sale.

2. Search products

The Search Products function works conveniently at POS and inventory. You can enter the product name, EAN code or SKU title in the search field.

Only a few letters or numbers are needed to match a search.



3. SKU (stock name)

SKU can be edited by opening the product and enabling "Track inventory".

The stock name / SKU example:

Eg. Ekopharma products / 001.

  • You have set the identifier 001 (SKU) for ekopharma products

  • You will find the product by entering 001 into the search product field at checkout or in the inventory.

Products owned by employee:

An individual's own products can be sorted by using and adding SKU to the products. For example:

“Nina's products” or

“Angelica's products”.

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