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Website builder instructions

In this article, you will find instructions on how to fill in and use the booksalons website builder and how does it look like.

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In this article you will find:

Use of booksalon website builder is hassle-free and easy, as you can manage it yourself from within the booksalon system.

If you don't have a website set up yet and would like one, please contact us via chat.

Here's how to find the website builder inside the system:

  1. Go to "Tools"

  2. Click on "Website builder"

  3. Start to add and edit information.

Management of the Website builder

You can add your images and texts to your website by using these different management options from the tabs.

Let's go through these options :


My domain

  • If you already have an existing web address or would like one, please contact us via chat by clicking on "start chat"

  • Otherwise, your website will have the ready-made web address shown as a link below.

External API keys

  • If you wish, you can include the API keys you want to use on your site

  • API keys are the Facebook pixel and Google Analytics account ID number that allow you to track traffic.

  • These do not have to be added. If you already have these API keys, you can add them here.

    Colour scheme

  • You can choose the colour scheme you would like for your website.

  • You can either choose from the predefined colours or choose your own colour by clicking on the pen icon.

  • If you want, you can choose two different colours, in which case the website will have a gradient colour, or the same colour twice, in which case the website is monochrome.

  • To the right there is a preview where you can test different colour combinations.


Home screen

1. Show salon name:

  • Click this option if you want your salon name to appear on the home screen (on top of the home page image)

2. Salon slogan:

  • Enter your slogan or a short description of your salon

3. Show the "Book now" button:

  • Click on the button if you want this button to add on the home screen. On the homepage, clicking on the button will automatically take you to your booking.

4. Show the "About us" button:

  • Click on the button if you want this button to add on the home screen. On the homepage, clicking on the button will automatically take you to the introduction text of the establishment, which you will create at a later stage.

5. Main image/Wallpaper:

  • Choose the main image to change the wallpaper of your choice. (Note! Our system can scale the image to the correct size for each device, but the recommended size would be HD (1920x1080).)

Salon description

  • Description headline: Enter a title of your choice for the description of the salon.

  • Description text: Write a text of your choice about your salon and your services or professionalism.


  • The Team and Staff section will automatically be display the users who have been invited to the site.

  • Click on the button above the image to highlight the users you want to show on the home page.

  • Set a name for the employee that will be visible publicly to customers

  • Set the desired introduction text including for example, educational titles and service expertise in the establishment.

Gift cards

Gift card section info text

  • In the gift card section, write the additional info text you want, for example "about buying gift cards or a nice invitation to remember a loved one with a gift card".

Gift card shop

  • You can also decide how your gift card shop to be displayed on the website. The options are: "Embedded" and "Link".

  • Embedded means a widget where the customer is not redirected to another site.

    (Example image of an embedded gift card shop)


Booking: info text

  1. Enter the info text you want in the booking feature.

  • The info text can for example include a reminder to carefully read the cancellation conditions and the possibility to call to the salon if a suitable time could not be found through the online booking. It is also good to inform the customer about certain services or prices that require a consultation, for example.

Online booking display options

  • You can decide how you want your online booking to be displayed on your website.

The options are:

  1. Overlay on the page= a floating Book now- button,

  2. Embedded= embedded on the home page,

  3. As a link = customer is directed to a new page via a link to make a booking,

  4. Book by Phone = booking is available only by calling.

You can choose which you would like to use. Also the color of the floating Book now- button. When your customer clicks on the button, booking is displayed and opened on the same view and page.

Company widget

If you have more than one salon and you want to integrate and enable client booking for business chains by clicking the green button. The business chain booking allows the customer to first select the salon where they want to make a booking.


Show gallery

  • Click the green button if you want to share photos on the website.

Gallery info text

  • Set the general info you want for the images you have added. For example, if you have an Instagram account with your company, you can mention that more photos can be found on that account.

Add a new image and caption

  • You can add photos of your choice and also set a caption for each photo. You can change the picture by clicking on it.


Contact info text

  • Enter the text you want to use to general contact information.

Show salon location on the map

  • Click the green button if you want the location of your salon to appear in the map view on your website.

Show contact form

  • If you want to receive messages from customers in the form, please click on the feature. This will enable a new form of communication with your customers.

Show salon phone number

  • If you want the salon's phone number to be public on the homepage, click the button in green and enter the number in the text field.

Show salon email

  • If you want to the salon's email to be public on the website, click the button in green and enter the email address in the text field.

Price list

The prices of the services are automatically transferred from the system to the homepage, starting with the prices in the price list.

Show price list

  • Click the green button if you want the price list to appear on your website.

Price list info text

  • Please enter any information related to the price list in the text field.

Order of the price list

By changing the order of the services and categories you offer on the "Services" tab, the same order will also change in the website builder's price list.

Social Media

Add here the URL links to your social media pages to your website

Subtag title

  • Add a title to the sub-banner of the webpages,

    • For example "Follow us on social media so that you won't miss anything"

    -There you can add the desired social links, which the customer can click on to go directly to your company's social accounts for example

  • In addition to the social links, you can also set the phone number and email address of the salon location.

Here is an example of how the footer appears on the homepage:

Remember these


  • If you want to preview how your changes look, you use the "preview" button between edits.

  • Here is an image example, how the top menu (header) of your website could look like


  • Always remember to save changes after each step!

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