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Activation of the gift card store
Activation of the gift card store

As a PRO-user, you can access the gift card store from online payment settings. Instructions on how to set it up and how customer sees it.

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Before you set up the gift card store to your salon, please check the following:

  • You are a PRO-version user.

  • You have completed the required merchant requests and they have been approved.


1) In in system, go to "Settings"--> "Online payment settings".

2) Click the button so it turns green:

"Enable online gift card sales in the salon's booking system."

3) There are two ways to set up your gift card store on your website. Instructions can be found in the "Tools" section. Either as a "Button" or "Embedded".

Gift card store to booksalon's website builder

If you are using the booksalon website builder, you can ask for help in the chat about how to activate the gift card store on your website.

Buying a gift card through booking widget

Gift cards can also be brought through booking. The "Buy a gift card" button can be found last in your service booking category list.

How does your gift card store look on your website?

(Example picture)

What does a gift card bought online look like?

(Example picture)

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