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PRO-plan and payment services
Booksalon payment services (IE,UK,NO,SE,DK,ES)
Booksalon payment services (IE,UK,NO,SE,DK,ES)

Booksalon provides payment services to identified booksalon PRO users. Learn how to order and how the process goes.

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In this article you can find info about the following:

Booksalon payment services


  • Payment terminal which is seamlessly integrated with the point of sales system to receive card payments

  • Online prepayments: the safe and hygienic option for customers to pay for bookings online at the time of booking

  • Settlements. Transmission of the payments to the accounts indicated by the merchants

  • Enabled for multiple entrepreneurs: all entrepreneurs can use the same payment terminal but payments are credited to each entrepreneur's own account directly

Order form looks like this:

Process for customer identification and account approval

In order to accept you as a merchant, we need to identify you. Once we've identified you, we can send a payment terminal to you at your salon.

When you have ordered PRO, the next time you log in to the booksalon system, you will find a link at the top of the page. This must be completed before we activate the payment terminal. Due to verification purposes, you will be asked to upload documents to identifying purposes.

Before you start, we recommend that you find a copy of:
1. Your ID
2. Bank statement. The document must show the bank name or logo, date, the account owner and the account number. (Optionally you can verify with your bank credentials via third-party service. Read more from 2. Bank details.)

Instructions for identification

1. Company details:

  • Add official information about your business here. Please be careful that you are adding registered company name, company ID and address.

  • If necessary, we'll ask you to upload a document on the existence of the company.

2. Bank details:

2.1. Select verification method

A - Verify quickly with a provider
B - Manually enter bank details

Method A - Verify quickly with a provider

  1. Choose bank country and click "Start"

  2. Choose your bank from many options

  3. Follow the instructions displayed on the screen

For example: Bank county: United Kingdom (GB) , Bank: AIB

Method B - Manually enter bank details

  • Enter your bank account (IBAN) and a document confirming that the bank account belongs to you. We need a document to identify the account because we'll settle the transactions to this bank account.

3. Business owners

  • We need to identify you, so enter your information here.

  • Also download the document that confirms your identity as instructed.

  • Confirm and set the roles by "edit" (picture)

  • In most cases you have to assign all of these roles under your own personal details (read more from below 3.1)

    3.1 Add roles: Owner, Controller and Signatory assignment

    When you have clicked "Edit" then you must click "role".

  • Provide personal details of at least the following 2 people:

    -The person who has signing authority (Signatory) and

    -The person who makes major business decisions or owns 25% or more of your company (Controller).

  • In most cases this is the same person than the owner.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via chat, and we will guide you. You will find our chat support in the bottom right corner.

Summary of required documents

ID verification:

- Valid ID (passport, driver's license or ID card) must contain the same name as in the booksalon system and be in the original color.

  • Have separate files for front and back of the ID document (only when providing an ID card or driver's license).

Bank statement (Optional)

Bank statement must be uploaded if your selected method to verify your bank account is "Manually enter bank details". Read more from 2. Bank details.

Document must show:

  • The account holder name. This must match the legal business name, trading (doing business as) name, or the name of the individual conducting business

  • The account number or IBAN.

  • The date of issuance of document, which must be less than 12 months ago.

  • An indicator that the document was issued by a bank, such as the bank name, a bank logo or a bank-specific font.

Extra verification (asked if needed):

In some cases we might have to ask you to verify your business with the company registration document. The company registration document must be:

  • Issued by a reliable, independent source such as the national commercial register of the country where the business is registered in.

  • Issued within the last one year, or contains a signature and a state of affairs with the date not older than one year.

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