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Instructions on how to enable tips and automatic tips at your salon and how to find tips on sales reports.

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In some places, service fees can be requested in the form of a tip along with the purchase of services and products. Sometimes customers want to tip for a job well done and excellent service. For this, you can use the tip function through the booksalon system, and by activating the function, you'll speed up the process at checkout.

Enable tips

  1. Go to "Settings" and select "Point of Sale settings"

  2. Activate the button (becomes green) next to "Enable tips"

  3. Additional options include Enable VAT for tips and/or

    Enable auto tips (automatically added to receipts)

    → If you want to use these features you would activate the buttons (becomes green) next to the feature you want to activate.

    You can always edit or remove the tip from the receipt at the checkout.

Add tip - checkout

You can always add the tip manually to the receipt by doing the following:

  1. At checkout click on "Add tip"

  2. Here you can choose if you want the tip to be percentage-based or a fixed amount.

  3. Once you have selected this, press "Apply"

After that the payment including the tip will be made.

(Example pictures:)


You may enable auto tips by pressing the green button "Enable automatic tips" in the checkout settings:

  1. Set an automatic tip percentage

  2. You can also set a custom name by pressing "Custom name for auto tips."

(Example image)

Auto tip with custom name on receipt:

Auto tip without custom name on receipt:

Sales report on tips

This is how you can view your salon's sales reports on tips:

  1. Select "Sales" → "Sales Reports"

  2. Select the desired "Salon"

  3. Set the period/interval

  4. Then, click on "Tips"

VAT on tips:

In the sales reports, you can also see the VAT from Tax amount -column when you have set the tip function in the checkout settings to "Enable VAT for tips" - active.

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