Cash management

You can make deposits and mark cash withdrawals from the booksalon's Sales-Cash Management page

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If you want to keep track of your cash and get reports, then enable cash management from the Point of Sale settings. Once that has been done the Cash management feature will be visible on the sales page under the tab called "Cash management"

This is how you activate Cash management:

1. In the left-side menu choose "Settings" and then click "Point of Sale settings".

2. Under the headline "Point of Sale settings" click on the button switch to the left of "Enable cash management" to activate the feature (it becomes green)

3. Lastly click "Save".

This is how Cash management works:

Cash can be deposited (1.) and withdrawn (2.) for each company using the preceding functions.

Depositing and withdrawing cash

1. Select the person and company for whom you want to deposit or withdraw cash.

2. Enter the cash amount.

3. Add an explanatory text for the deposit/withdrawal, such as "cash to cashier" or "cash to shop".

4. Save.

Reporting cash management

  • You can see the current cash balance in each of the companies on the Cash management-page.

  • You can define the date range in which you want the overview to contain deposit and withdrawal transactions from.

  • You can also download the report to your device or forward it by email if you wish.

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