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December 2022: New calendar view
December 2022: New calendar view

Read about the latest updates regarding the calendar view and customer card.

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In this article you will find information on:

In December 2022 we got a slightly bigger update. In this article we present the new updates and the related new features.

New design can be taken in use by selecting your own profile settings from top right corner and by enabling "Use new designs". This can be done by owner or by admin.

The new look of the calendar

Pic 1:

  1. The positions of the mini calendar and salon selection have been changed on the left comparing to the menu. (Pic 1)

  2. The mini calendar is at the top, which makes it easier and faster to use the calendar. (Pic 1)

  3. The sections of the menu can also be reduced to just icons, in which case the texts are removed from the view by pressing the four lines at the top.

  4. The buttons are clearer and the contrast has been increased.

  5. The booking window is also larger.

The most popular service

When making a booking in the salon calendar, the window shows the employees most popular services in addition to the search field, which speeds up the making of the booking in the calendar. (Pic 1)

Booking history from customer card

The customer card shows the following data about the customer:

  • The total amount spent by the customer during visits

  • Number of visits

  • Average consumption per visit

  • Average time per visit

  • Interval between visits

Pic 2.

Loyalty discount

  • From the client details, you can define a loyalty discount for the customer.

  • It is a percentage discount that is always automatically transferred to the Point of sale.

  • There are ready-made percentages to choose from or you can also define it by yourself by clicking on the pen icon.

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