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The new features of April 2023
The new features of April 2023

Check out the new features released in April!

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In this article you will find information on the newest features of April:

Set the customer name on the receipt by default.

  • Go to "Settings" --> "Cash register settings"

    • Activate "Show customer name on receipt".

    • You can set the customer name on the receipt as default through the cash register settings.

  • The name will be automatically determined based on the name on the customer's personal customer card.

  • The cash register settings are only visible to users with the "Owner" role and users with administrative rights.

Default settings for booking reminders:

To set the default settings for appointment reminders made by customers:

  1. Go to "Settings" --> "Salon calendar settings" and choose "DEFAULT REMINDER SETTINGS"

  2. These settings will apply to bookings made by customers themselves.

  3. Customers can also edit these settings for their individual bookings, but the default settings will be applied if no changes are made.

You can set the default appointment reminders to be sent 2 hours or 24 hours before the appointment.

Setting user permissions:

  1. You can now restrict user permissions in your business location even further.

  2. To do so, go to "Settings" --> "Users". Select the user you want to modify and navigate to their role settings to set different permissions.

You can restrict the following permissions for your employees, for example:

  • Editing work shifts

  • Viewing sales data

New options for permissions include:

  • Editing inventory

  • Editing receipt lines at the cash register.

Note that these are just examples of employe role. Different roles have different permissions available to them.

The maximum limit of resources per service has been increased from three to ten.

  • Now you can allocate more resources to your service. Previously, the maximum limit was three, but now it has been increased to ten.

  • This change allows you to add more than three room options to be set.

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