What does booksalon include?

A 24/7 online booking system, client register, shift management, PoS & reports as well as a payment terminal and online payments.

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Booksalon is an easy-to-use collection of useful tools for successfully running a hair, beauty and wellness salon.

There are two options:

  • a FREE package to get you started, and

  • a paid PRO plan to take your salon to a whole new level!

With booksalon, you get a booking system and client register, and with the PRO plan you'll get other nice features like checkout and payment terminal (POS). All from the same provider.

Booksalon's service includes:

  • A 24/7 online booking system, which we will guide you to add to your own website or social media

  • A gift card store that you can also add to your own website or Facebook page.

  • Automatic Client Register and its management

  • Employee and shift management

  • Management of services and pricing

  • Automatic customer communication regarding bookings

  • Point of Sales and accounting reports

    ...and much more!

So don't hesitate to make a decision and start using booksalon in your salon
without any commitments. Get started by creating a free booksalon account.

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