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Facebook and Instagram business accounts and benefits

More and more customers now look for services on Facebook and Instagram in addition to Google. This is why it is so important to add booking functionality to a salon's Facebook and Instagram pages. We offer two ways to add a Book Now button: link it directly from the social media platform or from within the Book Salon platform.

You can add the booking link to the Book Now button on your Facebook page using a free Facebook business account. You can create one at:

You can add the booking link to the Book Now button on your Instagram page using a free business account (professional account). Follow these instructions:

TIP: You can also add the booking link to the information / website section of the Facebook page and make a pinned post where you put a link to the online booking and Instagram bio.

Connecting the Book Now button from Book Salon

Step-by step instructions! Please note that the salon administrator will complete the process.

  1. Once you are logged in to Book Salon, open the "Tools" page in the Professional Dashboard.

  2. Click the "Add client booking to your company's Facebook and Instagram page" button

  3. Press connect and select "Continue".

  4. Select the Facebook business account and the page you want to add the online booking button to.

  5. Follow the instructions.

  6. At the same time, link your Instagram account if a Professional Instagram account is defined under your Facebook Business account. If you wish, you can skip the Instagram part by pressing "Skip".

  7. All done!

Congratulations! In the future, you will also receive bookings from the Book Now buttons on your Facebook and Instagram pages.

Example photo how it looks (left Facebook and right Instagram):

Note: If you have a previous action button and the linking/connecting fails for some reason, we recommend deleting the previous action button and start the re-linking process again.

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