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You can add this feature from booksalon by either linking to the tools or directly from Instagram. A professional account is required.

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Set up a Business Account on Instagram

You can add online booking directly to the Book Now button on your Instagram page. You must have a free professional Instagram account to do so.

Please follow these instructions to create a professional Instagram account:

Link your online booking directly from Instagram

Make sure you are using a professional account.

  1. Click edit profile

  2. Select the action buttons under the profile information.

  3. Click the "Book Now".

  4. Select booksalon and follow the instructions to log in to the booksalon system

  5. Choose which salon or booking you want to link to.

  6. All done!

TIP: You can also add the booking link to the website section of the Instagram page and make it a separate story with a link to your online booking.

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