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Creating a Facebook Business Account

You can add online booking to the Book Now button on your Facebook page. A free Facebook business account is required, which can be created here: https://business.facebook.com/

Adding the Book Now button to Facebook in a browser

You must be the salon and Facebook business admin in order to complete the process. Once you have a Facebook business account, follow these steps:

  1. Go to your company's Facebook homepage

  2. Click the +Add a Button or, alternatively "Edit action button"

  3. Select "Book now" and "connect another tool".

  4. Select Book Salon and follow the instructions.

  5. Facebook will guide you to log in to the Book Salon system

  6. Choose which business or salon you want to link it to.

  7. All done!

Congratulations! In the future, you will also receive bookings from the Book Now button on your Facebook page.

TIP: You can also add the booking link to the information or website section of the Facebook page and make a pinned post where you insert the booking link.

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