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Creating categories and services in Book Salon


  1. As a PRO user, you can create new categories and services.

  2. In the free version, you can only create new services and additional services under existing categories.

Here's how to create a new category and service:

  1. Scroll down to the end of the “Services” tab and click “Add Custom Category”.

  2. Enter the desired category and select its own icon. It is also possible to enable the “Offer hair length selection” feature if needed for the service.

  3. Once you have created a category, you can create services under the category by clicking “Create custom service in category _____” or by opening an existing category.

  4. Specify a name, duration, price, and a description of the service.

  5. Always remember to save your changes!

Pictures of how to create a custom category:

Pictures of how to create a service under the category:´

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