Salon service settings

Follow the steps below and learn how to set service-specific settings and change them.

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In this article you can find info about the following:

Service settings

Once you have created a price, duration and service description for the service, you can modify the service:

  • VAT rate

  • Preparation time

  • If necessary, workstation / resource

  • You can also hide the service from customers.

  • You can also set the services per employee.

  • Service limitations per salon and per employee

  • You can set a booking reservation to be only available by calling

Picture of the view where service-specific settings are set:

Limitations of services

It is possible to place various limitations on the services you want behind the employee's service- tab.

You can limit:

  • A certain number of bookings per day per employee.

    -This works well in situations where you don’t want to work on a particular service other than just a certain number of pieces a day.

  • Limit the option of booking a service to certain days and times of the week.

    This works well in situations where you only want to do certain services for example in the evenings or on weekends.

Note! If you change the prices of the service, please note that the prices for existing bookings will not be updated, but will retain the old price.

The new price will be updated for future bookings after the new price has been updated.

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