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Employee - specific services
Employee - specific services

You can specify VAT, service duration, service management, and other restrictions in the employee-specific settings. Read the instructions.

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Employee - specific services

  • You can set your own services and additional services for different employees.

  • You can also define your own prices and durations for the services on an employee-by-employee basis.

  • Above the services, you can click on the location or employee to set the location and employee-specific "settings" for the services.

  • If you modify the services under the employee on an employee-by-employee basis, they will also be automatically updated under the employee.


  1. Check the services behind the salon to ensure that the employee is set to provide that service by opening the service and selecting the Employees tab.

2. Then go to the employee to customize their service settings separately.

3. Click the service you want to modify.

4. Please remember to save.

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