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Setting up additional services
Setting up additional services

Additional services are defined under the provided service. Here are instructions on how to create and edit additional service settings.

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In this article you will find information about:

How to create additional services

1. Go to the desired service and click on “Provide additional services"

and then click on “Create new additional service”.

2. Define the settings for the additional service:

  • Name

  • Duration

  • VAT rate

  • Don't forget to save the changes!

3. You can choose the additional services you wish for each employee, and you can add different prices and durations by clicking on the employee at the top of the page → open the service → click on "Provide additional services".

Add and modify additional services to existing services

When you wish to add an additional service to existing services, you will find all the additional services that you have created under "Not in use".

From there you can click on the additional services that you would like to activate for that specific service. You can also easily copy additional services to all the services in the category by clicking on "Apply to all services in the current category".

(The picture is showing an example where no additional services are activated for the service in the category yet, but you have created those additional services earlier in another category.)

Note for pricing!

  • Remember that if you make price changes for additional services under a certain service, it will change to the same price under other services.

  • If you want an additional service at a different price only for a certain service, then you would have to create a completely new additional service at a different price.

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