When you want to benefit from the calendar outside of shifts, do this:

  1. You must activate working hours outside of shifts from the Salon calendar.

  2. When "Show times outside shifts" are activated for that day, it will be possible to add calendar entries for the whole day.

  3. To prevent you from viewing 24 hours a day, you need to do adjustments from your personal settings by setting up the "Hide night hours" feature

The following video shows how to create a time between 08-10 am on the calendar outside of shifts so that customers can only make reservations from 10am, but you can add entries as early as 8am.

How to use the Book Salon calendar outside of work?

You can conveniently set your holiday or other personal absences from the “Shifts” tab. These settings last all day.

Holiday or custom tag set from shifts

If you want to set shorter absences or breaks, you can set them directly from your salon calendar. Watch the video below to set your own breaks etc:

Break, custom tag set from Calendar

How to set up shifts?

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