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Opening the calendar
Create a booking from the salon calendar
Create a booking from the salon calendar

You can create a booking or a break period from the salon calendar. You can find written instructions here with video.

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Booking instructions

1. Select the time you want to add the reservation by clicking “Add booking”.

2. Select the desired service. You can also type the name of the service in the search field instead of scrolling down the service selection to make it appear faster. If you want to add more than one service you can use multi service booking (PRO feature). Read more here.

3. Next, you may add additional services which are set for the service. Click to add them.

4. Next, fill in the customer information for the booking.

There are a few options:

  1. Search for a customer in the search field by name, phone number, or email.

  2. Add a new customer to the register if the customer is not yet added

  3. Or make an express booking so that the customer is not added to the registry.

    • This is useful if the customer comes in the door directly to ask for times. With express booking, only the customer's name and a possible message to the employee are required.

5. Once you have selected the customer, you will see the added customer and service information with added additional services at this point.

  • If you want, you can add tags to the customer by searching for an existing one, or create a new one. Tags make it easy to search for clients under a certain tag, and you can download a file of the clients that fall under the specific tag in the client register tab.

  • You can also write down notes for the service provider regarding the reservation or the customer.

6. In the last step before saving, you have the option to send a booking confirmation or reminders to the customer by activating the buttons in purple. You can choose to send a confirmation via email or text message.

  • Please remember to save your reservation!

Please note that text messages are for the PRO users.

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