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Instructions on how to add a duplicate booking such as a second haircut alongside another customer's color exposure time.

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Sometimes the entire time on a booking isn't spent on active work or customer service. Whether it's a lunch break or a trip to a store, booksalon can make sure this time is used efficiently as well. Perhaps time could be used to cut a child's hair while the mother's hair color is working. Overlapping bookings make this possible and will help you make your working time more effective.

Making Overlapping Bookings in the booksalon Calendar

  1. Go to the calendar and click on "Add overlapping booking" at the top.

  2. The calendar suggests new booking times available according to the calendar element.

  3. Select the time at which you want to add a new booking that overlaps with the previous one.

  4. Add a booking or break

  5. Select the service or add other information from the menu and accept the booking as normal.

  6. Congratulations! You have added a booking or break during another service.

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