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This article describes the gift card purchase path from the customer's point of view when a customer goes to your gift card shop to buy a gift card.


You can also buy a gift card through the appointment booking service. The "Buy a gift card" button is the last one on the list.

1) Amount

The customer chooses the value of the gift card from the predefined options or selects a different amount from the "Custom amount" box.

2) Details

Information about the gift card giver/sender

  • Once the customer has selected the value of the gift card, they must first enter the details of the gift card sender.

  • They can also log in to their Book Salon account and the system will automatically fill in the information.

  • If the sender's and recipient's details are the same, then click on "Sender and recipient's details are the same". In this case, the gift card will be sent by email or SMS to the sender of the gift card.

Information about the recipient of the gift card

  • Enter the details of the recipient of the gift card and add a nice greeting, if any, in the message field.

Delivery method

  • When choosing a delivery method, please enter the contact details of the person to whom you want the gift card to be sent.

  • Alternatives include entering an email address, a phone number, or both if you prefer.

    3) Payment

    Card payment

  • In the "Payment" section, you will see a summary of the sender's and recipient's details, as well as the delivery method.

  • At the bottom, you have to make the card payment by entering the card details.

  • You must be careful when entering the card details to ensure that the card number, expiry date, and security code are correct.

  • With combination cards, you should be careful not to enter the security code on the back of the card the wrong way round. Sometimes these can go the wrong way around. The debit card number and security number are on the back of the card at the bottom.

  • Once the card details have been entered. Click "Complete purchase".

Payment confirmation in the Book Salon system

The next step is to confirm the payment and how it will proceed, depending on the bank.

  • Payments must be confirmed by strong authentication. Whether it is a gift card purchase, a payment link, or a prepayment. Strong authentication means using a PIN application or PIN reader to confirm the payment.

  • In some cases, the payment must be confirmed by an SMS message on the device.

  • These options depend on the bank. More on online card payments here.

  • Bank-specific authentication in the verification service according to the instructions provided (for example, PIN application using a mobile key or keypad).

4) Ready!

  • Once the authentication has been successfully completed and the transaction has been approved, you will be taken to the final "Done" step.

  • In the last step, you can see to which email/phone number the gift card and receipt were sent. The gift card can also be printed or downloaded to files right away.

An example image of an electronic gift card:

Problems during payment?

If you have any problems during the payment process, it is a good idea to check the following points:

  • Have the card numbers been entered correctly?

  • Are the card security codes entered incorrectly on the combination card?

  • Is there a sufficient margin in the account?

  • The card has no restrictions for online payments and is it allowed to pay online?

  • Did the customer remember to complete the payment by authentication?

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