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Online card payments are used:

  1. In the online gift card store

  2. Advance payments for bookings (prepayments)

  3. In payment links

Advantages of pre-pay:

  • It is good customer service because many want to pay for the booking in advance for example for their children or even for hygiene reasons.

  • The customer is more committed to arrive.

  • No risk of "no show".

  • The customer might be more likely to buy product sales because the service is already paid.

  • The customer is more likely to return to order again because the experience was easy.

  • Prepayment is a voluntary method of payment for customers. However, you can encourage your customer to pay in advance by setting a discount rate on your prepayment settings. You can set the discount percentage: Settings-Online payment settings.

Payment confirmation in Book Salon:

  1. Payments must be confirmed by authentication. Whether it was buying a gift card, a payment link or a prepayment. Strong authentication means using a passcode application (id app) or access codes which are provided by the bank the customer is using to confirm payment.

  2. In some cases, the payment must be confirmed by a text message to the device.

  3. These options depend on the banks.

  4. For each bank, you will be identified in the confirmation service in accordance with the instructions.

  5. The customer must be careful when entering the card information that the card number, expiration date and security code are correct.

  6. For combination cards, be careful not to enter the security number on the back of the card in the wrong direction. Sometimes these can go wrong. The card number and security number of the debit card are at the bottom of the combination cards on the back of the card.

More detailed instructions for paying online with a card can be found on the banks' own websites.

Problems with the payment?

If the customer is having problems during payment, it's a good idea to check the following:

  • Are the card numbers entered correctly?

  • Are the card security codes entered incorrectly on the combination card?

  • Is there enough balance in the account?

  • Are there restrictions regarding online payments on the card?

  • Did the customer take complete the payment by logging in and confirming approval with authentication?

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