Where can I find the customer register?

You can find the customer register under "Clients".

All customers of the salon can be found behind the salon user in the clients tab. Behind each user are the customers who have had an existing booking for that employee.

Search for client

You can search for customers using various search options, such as name, phone number, or email. You can also search according to the time slot of bookings or also check which customers have not had bookings in the time slot you have set.

Clients who have given permission for marketing can also be checked in the section: "Marketing permission received" by selecting the options "Email" and/or "Text message".

Client tags

Clients can be divided into different identifiers using tags. Tags make it easy to search for clients of a certain tag and download files of a group of them. There can be different tags for different purposes.

If you want to add your own tag for regular clients, first create your own tag in the "+ Create tag" section with the name of your choice.

For example: "Nina's clients".

Client data

The client's information will then be displayed with the desired search options.

In addition to basic customer information, information on whether the customer has:

  • Book Salon account

  • Permission for marketing by email and/or text message, or

  • Date added to the record = "Added".

  • Customer's total expenditure.

In the "total expenditure" section, you can see the total expenditure of the customer, and how much they have spent on services and products at your salon in total.


This sign indicates that the customer has the option in the row above active.

More: client card, edit, delete

By clicking on the three dots under More -section, you can access the following settings:

  • Send invitation

You can invite a client to create a Book Salon account as a client of your salon.

  • Client card

    You can view the client's card, which displays: Next booking, Booking history, and Client information.

  • Edit

    You can edit the client's contact information and notes.

  • Delete

    You can remove the client from your register.

Client's card

Clicking on the client's name in the list opens the client's card.

The client card includes:

1) Next booking.

The client's next appointment information is displayed as soon as the client card is opened. If there is no next time, the most recent visit and the average visit interval report will be displayed.

2) Booking history

The booking history shows all summaries of the client's previous visits as well as future bookings.

Including time, services and products, price, and service provider.

3) Client data

Client information shows the phone number, email, address information, client notes, and possible identifiers.

Downloading client register

You can download the client register as a file to your device from the top right corner under "Export clients". Which can be found next to +Add new client button with that you can add a new customer to the register if you like.

From the "Export clients" section you can choose which client information you want to download.

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