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Deployment of a payment terminal
Deployment of a booksalon payment terminal (UK, IE, NO, DK, SE, ES)
Deployment of a booksalon payment terminal (UK, IE, NO, DK, SE, ES)

This article introduces the delivery and deployment of a payment terminal.

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In this article you can find info about the following:

Delivery of the payment terminal

  • The payment terminal is usually delivered by the post office within four-five working days after the order and the merchant agreement have been completed.

  • After receiving the shipment, check that the package, device and security seal are intact.

  • In the package it is included: Booksalon payment terminal, a USB cable, power plug and a receipt paper roll.

  • Booksalon portable payment terminal comes with a 4G cellular connection. If the WiFi internet connection fails, it will automatically switch to cellular connection.

    Placement of the payment terminal

  • Place the payment terminal so that it is easily accessible to the customers and there's a little free space around the device so that contactless payment can be made easily.

  • Take into account that the power cord reach their connection points and no cord is left hanging freely. That way the payment terminal does not accidentally fall to the floor, for example.

    Payment terminal installation and set up

    Video instruction:

    1. First, insert the reciept paper roll.

    2. Then connect the power cord to the payment terminal and the electrical outlet. Let the battery charge for at least four hours while you continue with the next steps.

    3. To turn on the terminal, press and hold the power button.

    4. First you will choose your language.

    5. The terminal comes with a built in cellular 4G connection, but if you want you can also connect it to Wi-Fi. Select the Wi-Fi network from the list or press the +sign and add the name of the Wi-Fi.

    6. In the next step, you will need to confirm that the name and location of your salon are correct.

    7. After that, the booksalon logo will appear on the terminal and it is ready to use! You can now start processing payments via the booksalon checkout.

    If you have any questions please contact our chat support!

    Receipt paper roll

  • Any thermal printer roll with the correct dimensions will work. Paper width is 57mm which is standard narrow receipt size and paper roll diameter should not exceed 40mm. Available in “any” proper local book store, office supply store, online stores, eBay etc.

    Using the payment terminal

    Video instruction:

  • Please note that payment terminal settings are configured by booksalon. Tapping to the screen are in general only used when customer enter their PIN code. Sum will automatically appear to the device.

  • At the booksalon Checkout, select the payment method and then click "Charge". The amount will be transferred directly to the payment terminal and the customer can pay for their purchases.

  • The booksalon payment terminal supports Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners, Discover, JCB and UnionPay card payments using a chip or contactless payment, Apple Pay and Google Pay.

    If you have any problems or questions during the implementation or daily use of the payment terminal, please contact us. Our chat support at the bottom of the page is ready to help.

    You can choose daily, weekly or monthly settlements. You can read more about settlements of payments charged at the payment terminal here.

    You can find instructions on how to implement the M1 payment terminal (Finland) here.

    If you are looking for more general information about booksalon payment services or how to order and implement them, read more here.

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