Cancellation policy for customers

Information on how to set a cancellation policy and communicating it to customers.

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In this article you can find info about the following:

Set your preferred cancellation policy/cancellation fee:

1. Select "Settings" from the menu.

2. Go to "Salon calendar settings".

  • Under "Cancellation policy", you can set the number of hours you will allow for cancellations or booking edits before the start of the booking itself.

3. You can set your preferred cancellation fee by activating the button.

  • Set your preferred percentage (%) for the cancellation fee that will be deducted from the total booking sum.

4. These conditions will be automatically displayed to the customer on the booking page, based on the set rules. See the image below as seen by the customer:

Note! Please remember that you can communicate about the cancellation conditions by adding your own message or info to booking confirmation emails. You can set this up in the salon's calendar settings.

You can also add the cancellation conditions separately to the online booking

It is good to make the cancellation policy clear to customers at the time of booking.

  • When the customer is aware of the exact conditions for cancellation, you can avoid situations where the customer does not show up.

  • The threshold for not taking the time is thus higher. You can also make a new booking in time to replace the cancelled one.


  1. Consider carefully the appropriate number of hours which your salon is allowing customers to cancel bookings and the percentage that will be charged for no-shows or late-cancelled bookings.

  2. Make sure it is clear to the customer during the booking process that they accept the cancellation policy you have set.

How does a customer cancel a booking?

The customer can cancel from the booking confirmation (e-mail) by clicking the "Change your booking" button. They can also log into their account if you have invited them as a customer of your Salon and view their Order History to change or cancel their booking.

Cancellation of booking only by phone

You will be able to set a setting on your clients' booking confirmations that allows to cancel a booking just by calling. This can be set from the "Salon calendar setting" by activating the "Allow editing and cancellation of bookings only by phone"-button.

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