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Here you will find tips and instructions for social media, websites and Google. Your customers will find your services more efficiently when you have added to your online booking to different places on the internet. Keep in mind that search engines might work more efficiently when your business name has the same format everywhere. In addition, the same name enhances the awareness of your salon/brand.

Read channel-specific tips:

Online booking - website

1) If you already have an existing website, here's how to add the Book Salon booking function to your website: Go to the “Tools” page within Book Salon → “Add client booking or gift card sales to your business website”. (see picture).

2) If you do not have a website and you can use only an online booking page, then copy the short address of your online booking from Book Salon to the desired location (for example social media profile) by going to “Tools” → “Short URL's” (as in the picture).

3) Remember, you can also easily, quickly and cheaply get a website from Book Salon. You can ask for more information from the chat.

Online booking options for websites

1) Book time - button (Call to Action)

2) Overlay on the page = floating "Book now" - function on the site (Follows the visitor on the site)

3) Embedded online booking

Instructions for installing these and options can be found in the Tools section in Book Salon and opening "Add client booking or gift card sales to your website":

Tip! We recommend placing a "Book now"- button/function overlay on the website. This allows you to make a customer on any tab on your website as they will be able to make a booking at any time via your button.

Example photo of overlay/book now-function:

General tips for websites:

  • Check that the content of your website is of high quality, up-to-date and correctly written.

  • Search engines visibility is improved when you invest in the content of your text, where you could describe more about your services and answer questions from your target audience.

  • You could use keywords related to your business in your content, such as “Beautician, London” and your visibility will improve.

Book now button and other links on social media

Set up the direct Book Now button and booking links to your online booking and website on your Facebook and Instagram pages.

1) Instagram

  1. Go to your profile

  2. Edit profile

  3. Add a short address for your booking or webpage to the "site"

  4. All done!

You can only add one link here, if you want more links, you can enable the linktree service, which can be found on the internet.

2) Facebook

  1. To set up a link to your homepage in your salon's Facebook account, go to Settings

  2. Click "Page Info"

  3. Go to "About"

  4. "Website": place a link to your webpage or online booking here.

Book Now button on Social Media

You can set up the Book Now button on your salon's Facebook and Instagram if you have a professional profile in use for your account by following the Instructions here

Tips in general for social media:

  • Take advantage of local visibility in your posts by using #hashtag with your location and by adding your business location from the “Add Location” feature.

  • When you advertise your online booking, available times or new services on social media, always remember to tell where customers can make the booking, for example "link in bio"

  • Create your own brand, make personalized content, and always be accessible.

  • Make videos too. They engage people better.


Enhance visibility on Google with a free Company Profile. This will help your customers reach you and your business better on Google search and maps.

You may also track how active your customers have been in clicking on your site, calling your business, or making reservations through Google.

  • There is an option to add an online booking link to Google Business profile. It can be found in Book Salon under “Tools” and “Booking Short URL” so your customers can make reservations directly from Google.

  • In your profile you can find an option” Set up booking”.

  • Choose ”Add a link”.

  • Add the URL of your booking page

  • And ”save”.

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