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Preparation time gives you the time you want to clean up and prepare for the next customer. You can set the time individually for each service or as a general setting for all services. It can be adjusted in the personal calendar settings or separately for each service from settings.

Set up preparation time by service:

  1. Select the desired service from the “Services” selection and click “Settings”

  2. In the “Preparation time before the next booking” section, you can set the desired preparation time by clicking the left or right arrows.

    "Use calendar settings" means each person's own personal preparation time, which can be set in the personal calendar settings.

  3. Select the minute (min) and remember to save!

Set up preparation time from Personal Calendar Settings

  1. Click to your profile which is the arrow in the upper right corner and go to “Personal Calendar Settings”.

  2. Under “Other Calendar Settings” you can specify a general preparation time that will automatically go to all services you are providing. "Add a x min preparation time after each booking"

  3. Make sure to activate the button in green and save the changes!

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