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Frequently asked questions about gift cards
Frequently asked questions about gift cards

Gift card sales, settlement and VAT rates, and gift card store.

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In this article you can find answers to the following:

To whom does the sell of gift card go?

Gift cards are salon specific so sales go to the owner of the salon. When selling gift cards at the checkout, you must select a user of the salon i.e. the owner or employee, but not a rental chair entrepreneur. However, gift cards can be accepted as a payment method by all employees and entrepreneurs.

Gift cards sold from the system do not include VAT, i.e. VAT is not registered or paid when the card is sold , but VAT is normally registered and paid as normal when service or product is later paid with gift card. (gift card is used). Gift cards can be used to pay several different tax rates including services.

Can a customer choose specific person when buying a gift card?

Not at the moment, unfortunately. Since the sales of the gift card go to the salon owner, the customer is not able to choose at the time of purchasing the gift card to whom the gift card purchase goes. When the customer uses the gift card, it can be used for everyone in the salon including employees and entrepreneurs.

Where can I see the gift cards that must be settled to other entrepreneurs?

You can see them in the reports.

Go to "Sales" and "Gift Cards" -tab, you can clearly see on a monthly basis, per entrepreneur to whom the gift cards are used.

How do I use the gift card store on social media?

As a PRO-user you have access to the Gift card store at a separate address and you can also activate "Buy a gift card"-function in your booking as a part of your service. You can also share a link on your social media the way you want or add it separately behind "Book now" or "Buy a gift card"-function on social media.

Here you find more instructions on how to activate your gift card store and how to add it to your social media

How do I turn a refund into a gift card?

If you want to refund a customer with a gift card that contains a certain amount of value, you will need to create a gift card with no fees. Ask for help or more information in the chat if needed. If you want to credit a customer with a gift card that contains a certain amount of value, you will need to create a gift card with no charge. You can do this by following the instructions below:

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