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How do I add a gift card store to Facebook?
How do I add a gift card store to Facebook?

Here's instructions on how to add a gift card store to your Facebook page. The gift card shop is also available on your online booking page.

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In this article you will find:

As a PRO user, you have access to the Gift Card store at a separate address, and in addition, you can activate the Buy Gift Card -section on your online booking page as part of your services. More instructions on activating the gift card store, adding it to social media, and where to find the addresses which will be added can be found at the end of this page.

Selling gift cards on social media:

The Book Now- button is available to all booksalon users. If you have activated a self-service gift card store, your customers may also buy a gift card from the Book Now -function. That is when your gift card store is shown as a part of your services on the online booking page.

Note! Facebook lets you only have one action button active, if you don’t want the Book Now button, you can add an action prompt to view a gift card on social media.

Here are the instructions:

1. Open the "Tools" page in the professional control panel at: and copy the short address of your gift card store.

2. Go to your company's Facebook page at and there to the Facebook page of the salon or company you are administrating.

3. As shown in the picture below, click the blue "+ Add button" button as shown below, or if you have already added a button, click on the gray three dots and select "Edit action button" from the drop-down menu.

4. The selection screen will open, from which you select "View shop".

5. Next, we ask for the address of the site. Place/paste the link copied at the beginning of the instructions by first clicking the "Insert site link" check box and then using the CTRL + V key combination on a Windows computer or Command (cmd) + V if you are using a Mac computer.

6. Press "Save" and then "Done" on the next page.

7. Remember to test the functionality of the button by clicking the "Edit action button." button and selecting "Test the button" from the menu that opens.

Congratulations! In the future, your customers will be able to buy gift cards through the button.

Activate gift card sales as part of the online booking:

If you want the customer to be able to buy gift cards from your online booking, you must activate the function on the Settings -page.

1. The administrator accesses the salon's online payment settings.

2. Activate the self-service sales of gift cards to customers at the checkout.

More instructions here.

Separate address for the gift card shop:

When self-service sales are activated, there is also a separate website for selling gift cards. You can find the gift card store's separate website address in "Tools".

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