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Selling gift cards
Selling gift cards

This article guides you on how you can sell gift cards at checkout and online store.

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In this article you can find info about the following:

Gift cards can be sold directly at the booksalon Checkout.

Gift Cards are salon-specific: To sell a gift card you have to be the owner or employee of the salon, but not entrepreneur (rental chair). However, gift cards can be accepted as a payment method by all employees and entrepreneurs in the salon.

The system has pre-created gift cards for the most common amounts, as well as a gift card with a custom amount. You can also add a new gift card of your desired value to the gift card selection in the checkout from the + Add new gift card button. There you can enter a value and choose the default validity period or expiration date for the gift card. When you save, will the new gift card appear in the point of sales - gift card selection. You can remove the gift cards you created yourself from the Checkout by clicking on the three-dots on the gift card.

How to sell a gift card from Checkout

First select the desired gift card in Checkout under Gift cards tab, this opens the Add gift card window

  1. At first, you get to choose the background you want for the gift card from several different options.

  2. You can now change the code on the gift card if you want to. This is a useful feature if, for example, you have pre-printed gift cards and you want the same code in the system as on the printed gift card.

  3. If you chose the custom amount, first enter the value that will be on the gift card.

  4. Gift cards sold from the system do not include VAT when it is sold, but VAT is recorded and paid normally when the gift card is used as a payment on the sale. It is therefore possible to pay for sales with several different tax rates with a gift card.

  5. Select the validity period for the gift card starting from the moment of purchase or the card's last date of validity.

  6. You can enter the name and email address of the recipient of the gift card, and if you want the gift card to be sent to the email address given immediately after the sale, click the relevant check mark in the box.

  7. Under the Language heading, you can choose in which language the gift card will be sent to the customer. The text on the gift card, e.g. "Happy Mother's Day" is also translated into the language of your choice. However, the Greeting text you add yourself will not be translated into another language.

  8. If you want you can add a greeting text for the recipient on the gift card.

  9. Finally, select SAVE. Now the gift card has been created in the system and transferred to the checkout to be debited.

  10. The gift card are activated when the purchase is charged at checkout, so remember to charge the customer.

Once the gift card has been sold, it is saved in the system and is immediately ready for use. The gift card has now also been sent to the given e-mail if this was selected in the previous step. The gift card can now also be found based on the code, email and name in the gift card management, which can be found in the Tools menu. There you can check the balance of the gift card, add or change the email address, resend the card to email or change the expiration date. Gift card management has its own article, which you can access here.

Selling gift cards online

When your merchant account has been opened, you can activate the online sale of gift cards in the Settings - Online payment settings menu.

When you have activated the gift card online store, a dedicated gift card section will appear in the service selection for the salon's appointment booking, where the customer can self-service purchase gift cards for your salon.

In the Tools menu, you can find a link for your gift card shop. You can for example use it on your website and social media. There you will also find instructions on how to embed the gift card shop as part of your own website. The customer pays for the gift card as an online card payment immediately at the end of the gift card purchase, and the payments are settled in accordance with the merchant agreement in the same way as payment terminal payments.

Here is more information on how buying a gift card from your gift card store takes place from the customer's point of view and tips for possible problem situations.

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