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Giftcard as a payment method
Receiving gift cards as a payment method
Receiving gift cards as a payment method

In this article, we explain how to accept a gift card from a customer at the checkout

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A gift card is like any other payment method and can be used to pay for any services and products at the Checkout. Gift cards are specific to each salon, so any user or entrepreneur of the salon can accept a gift card.

How to accept a gift card as a payment method

  1. Once all the services and products for sale have been selected in the Checkout, select Gift Card as the payment method.

  2. Enter the gift card code provided by the customer, the system will automatically check the validity and balance of the gift card.

  3. Click CHARGE, the gift card has now been deducted from the transaction amount and the transaction has been marked as paid.

Gift card as part of the payment method

  • If the balance on your gift card is not enough to cover the full amount of the purchase, you can first charge the balance of the gift card and then charge the remaing amount using any other payment method, such as cash, debit card, or another gift card.

  • If you want to charge only part of the purchase amount to the gift card, even if the value of the gift card is sufficient to cover the entire purchase amount, you can charge the cash first and then the gift card for the rest.

Receiving an expired gift card

If the system detects that the gift card has expired when you enter the code, a message will appear in the Checkout.

However, if you wish to accept an expired gift card, the decision is yours, we will ask for a separate confirmation of acceptance of the expired gift card at the time of charging.

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