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Workstation and resource management

Learn how to create and manage resources or workstations and how to set up your resource calendar.

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If the service requires its own workstation or includes a treatment device, then you can set up a resource for that particular service to avoid duplicate bookings.

How to set up a workstation / resource:

  1. Go to the “Services” tab select the desired service for which you want to set up the workstation.

  2. Click on “Settings” and click on workstation / resource management and “Add group” and “Select workstation”

  3. You can also click to “Create a new workstation” to create different workstations and resources.

  4. You may also add groups of desired resources to the service.

  5. Select the desired workstations for the service and save the settings.

The selected workstations can also be displayed in the booking calendar view. It makes it easier to view the reservation status of workstations. Resource and workstation calendar can be set to be shown also in the calendar view from personal calendar settings.

Video instruction:

Example 1: Several workstations have been set up in the service by the OR -method.

The first room on top is always the primary room where the system primarily seeks to reserve the service. If the first workstation is reserved, the service will be reserved to the next workstation etc...

Example 2: The workstation AND resource have been set up in the service by the AND -method.

Here's how to remove a workstation / resource

  1. From the "Services" menu, select the service from which you want to remove a workstation or resource.

  2. Click on "Settings".

  3. In the "Workstation / Resource management" section, you will see the installed workstation/resource.

  4. Next to the workstation/resource, click on "Remove" to remove the desired workstation or resource.

  5. Remember to click on "Save changes".

    Resource calendar view

The selected workstations will also appear in the booking calendar view, if the user has activated it in the personal calendar settings. This makes it easier to check the booking status of workstations when making a booking.

This is how you make the resource calendar visible to Salon calendar view:

  1. Go to your personal calendar settings - in the top right corner, next to your own picture, there is a cogwheel. Click on the cogwheel.

  2. Select "Personal calendar settings".

  3. When you scroll down a bit, you'll see "Settings, which affect only your admin calendar view."

  4. Activate "Display calendar for workstations and resources" by pressing the button next to it, to turn it green.

  5. Finally, be sure to press "Save".

This is how your personal calendar will look with resources calendar display activated:

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