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You can manage the notifications for your bookings. Notification settings can be found in the upper-right corner next to your profile image.

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Note! Make sure notification settings are always user-specific. Each user should check the settings from within their own profile by logging in with their own account.

Where can I manage my own notification settings?

1) To access notification settings, click the Gear symbol to the right of your user name and profile (in the upper-right corner of the system).

2) Click on "Notification Settings"

What events do I receive notifications from?

You can manage and receive notifications of the following events:

  1. Send notification when a new booking is added

  2. Send notification when booking is changed

  3. Send notification when booking is canceled

  4. Send notification when booking is paid in advance

How can I receive notifications?

You will be able to receive notifications via email and / or text message.

How do I manage when a notification is sent?

You can set when you want notifications to be sent for you on a per-notification basis.

These options appear when you select a sending method below the notification.

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