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February 2023: Features
February 2023: Features

Info about features such as repeating breaks, cash management, loyalty discount and customer statistics. Check these out.

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In this article you will find information on:

Repeating breaks (latest feature)

It is now possible to set repeating breaks in the salon calendar, which will save you time when you are creating a break or a task that is occuring often. You can define how often you want the break to repeat, and you can set your own title for the break and specify the duration of it. A convenient way to set up your lunch breaks 🤩

Read more about setting a repeating break here

Cash management

The cash management tool enables cash deposits and withdrawals!

Keep track of your salon's cash register at a desired time interval and download reports. You can activate cash management in the Point of Sale settings. You can find cash management on the "Sales" page under the "Cash management" tab.

Read more about cash management here

New user interface

We hope you like our new look! With this design, our mini calendar can now be found in the upper left corner.

Loyalty discount

You can now set up a loyalty discount for a customer if you wish to do so. The discount is a percentage discount, and you can either choose from the available options or enter your own desired discount. The loyalty discount will always be default for the payment transactions of that customer.

The most popular services

Employee's most popular services have been added below the search field that comes up when creating an appointment from the salon's calendar. This speeds up the task of making a booking in the calendar. These consist of the services that gets booked the most for that employee.

Customer statistics

In the Customer card under the "History" tab you can now see the total amount spent by the customer, the number of visits, the average amount spent per visit, the average time per visit and the interval between visits.

You can also quickly see the customer's total amount spent to the far right of the customer information on the "Clients" page.

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