Point of sale settings

This article discusses the PoS settings regarding e.g. receipt, VAT etc.

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In this article, you will find:

You can find the Point of Sale settings here:

Users with the "Owner" role and administrator rights are the only ones that can view the checkout settings.

  1. Click on "Settings" in the menu on the left.

  2. Click on "Point of Sale settings"

Determination of the VAT rate

You can set several different VAT rates used in your salon.

You can also define the VAT rate that will be the default for services and products.

From the "Services" tab, you can conveniently define VAT rates for different services on a service-by-service basis. If you would like instructions on how to set the VAT rate for a specific service, please click here.

Point of Sales - settings

From here you may read the instructions below for the settings of the Point of Sale.

Activation of the Point of Sale

1. By clicking on "Activate Point of Sale" you can activate or deactivate the function. PoS is enabled by default if you are using the PRO version.

Allow multiple employee transactions on the same receipt

2. You can allow multiple employee transactions on the same receipt (Note! This function only applies to users in the "Employee" role). Read more instructions here

Receipt settings

3. You can choose the style of your receipt from two options: modern or classic. You can download or print a receipt with both options and decide which one you prefer.

4. You can place your company logo on the receipt, it will appear at the top of it.

Add the client's name on the receipt.

5. You can set the client's name on the receipt as a default in the future. The name is determined for the receipt based on the name of the customer's personal customer card.

Add a text of your choice to the receipt

6. You can set your custom message to be printed at the end of each receipt.

An example image of a receipt:

Cash management

7. You can activate "Cash Management" in the "Sales" tab to track your company's cash management. Click here for more instructions on cash management and how to use it.

Tip feature

8. You can enable the tip feature at the checkout. In this case, you can set the amount of tip you receive in connection with a service or product sale. The tips are also generally displayed on the sales report. Read more about using the tip feature here

Parking of receipts

9. You can enable this feature to be able to have more than one receipt (sale) open at the same time in the Point of sale. You can switch between the receipts, and you can open a new sales session by clicking on the "+" sign. This is useful if you are for example making a quick product sale while waiting for another customer to get ready to pay.

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