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Tips on how to use gift cards
Tips on how to use gift cards

In this article you will find tips on how to engage customers and make the most of gift card sales.

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In this article you will find:

Facts about gift cards

  • Gift cards are salon-specific and can be accepted as payment by all employees and entrepreneurs in the salon.

  • Gift cards can be sold directly from the point of sales of the establishment.

  • Customers can also purchase gift cards themselves directly through the online booking system, provided that online sales of gift cards have been activated for the establishment.

  • A commission of £0.35 per transaction + 3.0% will be charged for online payments.

  • Gift cards are multi-purpose gift vouchers, i.e. VAT is normally paid according to the VAT rate for what the gift card is used for.

Gift card shop on social media

It's worth promoting your gift card shop on social media to encourage customers to buy gift cards. For example, you can post about the gift card shop on Facebook and Instagram and pin the post to your wall so that it is one of the first posts your customers see.

Instagram stories are also a good place to share information about the gift card shop, and you can also add a link directly to your gift card shop! You should save your stories as Instagram highlights and create your own highlights category for the gift card shop at the same time.

Gift card shopping time

Our tip is to create a gift card shopping time in the run-up to Christmas, which you can share with your customers on social media, for example.

Please note that only the owner or a user with administrator rights can create a new category/service.

This can be done by creating a new service category in the system with the name "gift card shopping time", and a service under it with the same name. This will allow customers to reserve their own quiet shopping time to purchase a gift card.

The sales counter could be decorated nicely and you can also give your customers beautiful paper gift cards if you wish. This is also a good opportunity for additional sales, i.e. the counter should be nicely displayed.

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